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Looking to improve care coordination in your long-term care facility or practice? Accurate and rapid communication should be your first order of business. While the needs and necessities vary greatly from facility to facility and homecare team to homecare team, inefficiencies tend to abound. Your job? Take a good, hard look at the communication flow throughout your organization and, chances are, you’ll spot at least a few areas that could be tightened up in the name of efficiency and patient care coordination — think missed calls and phone tag, overlooked emails and antiquated fax/response systems that lead to severe delays in relaying critical care information and next steps. That said, improving and enhancing care communication does pose some significant challenges for the industry as a whole. HIPAA regulations make quick communication and rapid-fire response more difficult than, on the surface, it should be. In a perfect world, efficient communication between facility staff members and medical directors would enable for quick feedback, streamlined answers and seamless sharing of everything from orders to reports to images. This would, hands down, help improve care for post acute and elderly patients — but how possible is it?

What NOT to Do

With this common challenge staring them down, many physicians and care professionals wind up taking shortcuts — shortcuts that, while they may yield results in the short-term, may be non-compliant and, ultimately, problematic. A good example? Using text messaging to communicate more efficiently. While, in most cases, this approach is integrated in the name of patient care, efficiency and coordination, standard text messaging is not in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Same goes for the numerous healthcare communication platforms out there — they’re either non-compliant, too complex or incredibly time-consuming for staff and practitioners.

Secure. Compliant. Fast. Simple.

IM Your Doc emerged from this need — the need for a simple, cost-effective HIPAA-compliant messaging solution. Designed to facilitate communication in the name of improved care quality, IM Your Doc offers a fully-HIPAA compliant instant messaging platform that mimics traditional text messaging. The big difference? Unlike texting, IM Your Doc is secure and allows users to send encrypted pictures and files that won’t save to personal devices. This comprehensive messaging system was designed with long-term healthcare facilities, home health and hospice careworkers and importantly their patients in mind. Instead of risking violations for the sake of efficiency, IM Your Doc is used for real-time secure messaging amongst longterm care workers as well as with the medical director, creating a fast efficient means of communication necessary for improved patient care.

Implementing is Easy

If the goal is efficiency, spending time trying to figure out how communication technology works makes zero sense. Even if your current platform for communication is antiquated and inefficient, often the idea of implementing new tools across your facility can seem too overwhelming to even attempt. IM Your Doc gets it, and that’s why the platform is easy to launch, easy to integrate and requires no IT support surrounding installation. Because, today, most people are comfortable with text messaging, IM Your Doc training is simple and straightforward. If you can text, you can easily slide into this platform and begin using it in minutes. With this simplified interface, collaboration, communication and care coordination can happen in seconds, without the back-and-forth of traditional healthcare systems. To get started, simply download the IM Your Doc application to your smartphone or computer and follow the prompts.

Improved Patient Care

By decreasing response time between caregivers, nurses, doctors, and specialists, patients get the care they deserve. IM Your Doc can be used to communicate information that is critical to the post acute or elderly patient, including: ● Fall notifications ● Heart failure ● Stroke ● Changes in medication ● Test results ● Admissions ● Current symptoms ● Lab results No matter the need, IM Your Doc provides long-term care facilities with a turnkey method for communicating quickly, accurately and with total compliance. By facilitating this streamlined communication, providers can simultaneously decrease liability and staying in-step with HIPAA regulations. Sign up for a free demo and see how simple it is to IM Your Doc.