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Whatsapp is nothing more than tap, type and send and it is one of the most used apps in the world. Consumer apps win when they are simple to use. Healthcare has a different paradigm because messaging carries the burden of HIPAA and so mobile health developers and those buying it think, “Healthcare is complicated so the solution should be too.” Wrong. One physician, Dr. Mitchell Hirsch, of the noted blog, MD Whistleblower, wrote about a recent experience he had with his texting app that forced him to jump through hoops just to be able to access the results of a test for a patient: “First, I receive a text message notifying me that a patient has a CRITICAL TEST RESULT. I am then directed to call a 10 digit phone number, when I will be greeted by a robotic menu system. After enduring this labyrinth, I will be directed to insert a long series of numbers, a code which will lead to either a non-human voice announcing an abnormal lab value, or to a radiologist’s dictation of a CAT scan report or some other x-ray study. The hospital is happy as once I complete the process, their system indicates that the physician has heard the message and now bears full responsibility. They are in the clear.” It is a wonder why inefficient communication in healthcare kills people and costs a fortune (1) (2) . The complexity experienced by Dr. Hirsch both defeats the purpose of secure health messaging and is precisely why IM Your Doc is emerging as the preferred HIPAA compliant real-time messenger. A secure messaging app needs to be simple to use, easy to implement and doesn’t cost a year’s worth of budget allocation. It’s a part of what we do at IM Your Doc because healthcare by itself is already very complicated. We are intentional in its rapid deployment and simple user interface. Do you need dependable, real-time messaging that you and your practice or hospital can do from your phone or desktop, that looks and feels and acts like regular texting with some healthcare specific features? Do you need it to send pictures and documents without saving those to your device? Do you need it to be easy enough to be deployed in 20 minutes or less while still providing top rate HIPAA security? That’s healthcare communication at its best. Simple. Secure. Easy. Sign up for a demo and see why thousands of healthcare professionals are communicating through IM Your Doc. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Communication Team STEPPS 2.0 (Joint Commission Root Causes and Percentages for Sentinel Events (All Categories) January 1995-December 2005; Joint Commission Sentinel Event Data (Root Causes by Event Type) 2004-2012) “Quantifying the Economic Impact of Communication Inefficiencies in U.S. Hospitals”, STL Communications, Journal of Healthcare Management 55:4 July/August 2010