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Doctors and nurses use text messaging for its pure convenience and easy access. They find it quicker to get on their mobile device to share documents, photos, files, and messages with other physicians and staff. It is much easier for them to send a text than making a phone call, feeding paper into a fax machine, or chasing down a member of their staff for feedback. The main problem for hospitals is that many of these text exchanges occur on social networks such as Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, iChat, and other messaging apps that have cybersecurity vulnerabilities. A recent Spyglass study showed that 82% of hospitals are concerned about mobile devices owned by physicians, nurses, and administrative staff. Just 38% of the hospitals surveyed had actually invested in an smartphone-based communications platform for clinical communications. It’s clear that these health providers are concerned about cybersecurity vulnerabilities with mobile devices, but only a small portion of them have taken the steps necessary to protect themselves from HIPAA violations. Most HIPAA violations that occur on mobile devices are done on public wifi, unsecure networks, and have photos saved to the camera roll, and critical PHI saved to cloud networks. When these mobile devices are lost, stolen, or accessed by unauthorized persons such as spouses, relatives, or friends, the costs of HIPAA violations can run high with fines of up to $1.5 million per category violation. One of the main roadblocks for health providers to an adoption of a secure messaging platform on mobile devices are concerns over IT costs, set-up, and extensive training of staff on how to use secure messaging platforms. It doesn’t have to be that complicated. That’s why we designed IM Your Doc to be intentionally simple to use and easy to implement with no IT requirements. IM Your Doc provides data encryption, ensures no PHI is saved to outside storage like camera roll, cloud sharing or public photo albums and has real-time secure receipt and delivery of messages. IM Your Doc has proven its efficiency as a secure real-time HIPAA-compliant messaging app for healthcare providers, physicians, and staff. For more on how IM Your Doc has helped physician practices streamline communication and improved staff productivity, please feel free to download our case study on Idaho Kidney Institute. You also can schedule a free demo with us by clicking here, and we will work with you to help you and your staff communicate more securely and effectively using text messaging.