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Nurses are often the unsung heroes in healthcare when it comes to keeping up with patients, coordinating medications, and communicating with physicians. However, there are numerous obstacles in their way that prevents them from being the absolute best they can be to care for their patients. The main obstacle is inefficient communication. Is it at all really efficient to interrupt nurses with pagers, beepers, and have them mired in playing phone tag in order to track down a physician to answer questions? They can do better than antiquated communication modalities. Medication errors can be attributable to inefficient communication and constant interruptions. One study by ISMP found that nurses administering medication are interrupted as often as every two minutes, which is just plain crazy. How can they administer medication appropriately due to these interruptions? The risk of medication error increases 12.7% with each interruption, and the risk is greatly doubled when there are four interruptions, and tripled when there are six interruptions. (1) As a result, hospitals have lost $4.9 billion per year for nurses, and $800 million annually for physicians due to bad communication methods. (2) Given the nurses are often on the frontlines, the impact felt by negative financial impact of inefficient communication is disproportionately greater. How can we improve the current communication for our nurses, and ensure that medication errors are reduced, and allowing our nurses to be the best they can be in providing care? Studies have shown that secure messaging can help mitigate medication risks, improve staff productivity, and save up to $918,000 per hospital. (3) Secure health messaging can help nurses accomplish the following: Ability to contact physicians when needed using secure messaging Access to contact other nurses Send a group text message Receive physician orders via text Protect PHI using an encrypted system like IM Your Doc, rather than unencrypted SMS messaging This will enable nurses to do what they do best: focus on their patients, provide excellent care, communicate more efficiently with physicians and other staff, and be able to stay on top of a constantly changing environment in healthcare. To learn more about how IM Your Doc can improve clinical workflows and increase staff productivity for nurses, please call 1-800-409-8078 or visit our website at to schedule a free demo.