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Healthcare is collapsing under the weight and cost of ineffective communication about patients as well as with their patients. In the time of Covid-19, our staffs have been reduced but patient questions, concerns, and cancellations have increased. Providers are searching for answers on how to keep their doors open with fewer billable in-clinic or hospital visits.

Watch this informative webinar from May 22nd with IM Your Doc CEO Dana Allison along with Dr. Jeff Smith, as they explored:

  • How COVID-19 has sparked changed in the way we leverage telehealth, beyond just the video capabilities, to communicate about patients and with patients
  • Specific examples from Dr. Smith on how remote communication, beyond video, has been both life-saving and cost-saving
  • What COVID-19 will mean for the future of practicing medicine
  • And best practices to bring your medical practice online, streamline “unbillables” and immediately maximize billable events.

Join us for our next webinar on June 3rd:
How Real-time, Remote Communication Enhances Patient Care in LTC