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Whole Practice

Reduce Phone Calls. Simplify Communication.
Improve Staff Productivity.

IM Your Doc Can Help You Accomplish All of These in No Time

  • 1

    Eliminate call backs and phone tag

  • 2

    Share patient information while on the go

  • 3

    Automate repetitive workflows

  • 4

    Save administrative time

  • 5

    Coordinate care-on-call, in the hospital and in clinic

How Much Time Would That Save Your Practice?

Real-time messaging is the way we communicate in every part of our lives.
Why not in healthcare?

Clinical Staff-Physician

Patient care questions answered while the providers are on the go between hospital and clinic. No more missed calls and delayed care.

Patient Question
Follow up

Get patient questions answered in real-time and conveniently through secure messaging.

Staff Questions

Ease communication within your office without having to get up and seek out colleagues.

Broadcast an
Administrative Message

Staff meeting coming up? Computer systems down for reboot? Get individual read notifications to make sure everyone has seen the message.